How to use our APIs

Looking for a short and simple tutorial on how to use the Switchboard APIs? Then you've come to the right place! To make it even easier for you to use and manage our APIs, we have created a new user area. Take a look at the tutorial so you can get started right away.

Choose API product

On our product overview page you can browse through all Switchboard API products and get more information about the product that suits you best. You will get the following information in a standardized format:

  • Product description
  • Prices & plans
  • API documentation
    Before you decide, you have the possibility to try out the API with test queries in the API documentation and even book a "Free Trial" to test the API in your own system.
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Create your Switchboard account

Next, you need an account to subscribe to an API via Switchboard. In the first step, register or log in to our user area.
In the Switchboard user area you can invite other team members so that they can also use the subscribed APIs.

Complete subscription

Now you only need to enter your billing and payment details.
Our APIs can be cancelled on a monthly basis and you can easily pay by credit card or invoice.

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Now you can finally get started!

In "Workspaces" in your profile you can manage all your APIs, see the API key and documentation.
By clicking on "Documentation" you have the possibility to download the OpenAPI Spec and generate API requests.

Have fun with our APIs! 😊

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Any questions?

If you have further questions, you can reach our team at any time via the contact form.

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