Quotation costing - made easy!

Calculate offers at the touch of a button in your system or in the customer portal. You can easily calculate margins, risk surcharges or fixed costs.

Times are changing!

The market and its requirements change every day. And at the same time, the volume of data available is increasing. Offers for commercial customers must be well calculated. Especially in turbulent times, a transparent, reliable and flexible offer is a major differentiating factor.

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The margin is what counts.

Fluctuating prices, special load profiles, changing fixed costs - all this makes offer calculations more difficult and complex. However, software is expensive, an Excel calculation is not flexible enough.

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Quotation costing - why you need it

Grid charges, fixed costs, electricity costs, load profiles, weather data. A price calculation is complex.
With our service, you can not only standardise and professionalise your price calculation, but also evaluate it after the term and adjust offers accordingly.

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The offer calculation is suitable for:

Public utilities

Even with small volumes of necessary calculations, offers can be profitably standardised.


Have the calculation completely in your hand and in your system, customisable, standardised and flexible.

Electricity sales

It doesn't get more flexible than this. Change calculations yourself down to the last input/output code and even check current contracts for profitability.

How it works

Want to learn more about the use case or try out the API?

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Looking for an integration partner or a complete package?

Together we are strong! Together with Energy4U and epilot, we offer consulting, implementation and complete packages. It's uncomplicated and simple.

You are still unsure which implementation type suits you? No problem, we will be happy to advise you!

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