Determination of location potentials for charging infrastructure with data from Mercedes

Use real-time data from Mercedes vehicles to make location decisions.

"The utilisation of public charging infrastructure is still significantly below its actual capacity."
– Kerstin Andreae, BDEW
By 2030, there should be over one million charging points in Germany...

This would mean that the number of public charging locations for e-cars in Germany would be more than 25 times what it is today.
However, many charging stations in Germany remain well below their actual maximum capacity. This is because, on average, there is currently only one charging process per charging station every five days.

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Planning locations better - but how?

One of the greatest challenges of electromobility is to select attractive locations for new charging stations, as well as to further expand popular, frequently used locations.
Charging locations only make sense if they are actually used sufficiently. With sensible planning for new locations, you save costs for rent, expansion and hardware.

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Find the best charging locations for e-cars with Mercedes-Benz data

Social demographic data is not enough for location planning. With the help of Mercedes-Benz charging data, you can incorporate real-time data into your calculations and thus minimise risk.

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The determination of location potential is suitable for:

Charging point operators

Discover new, economically attractive location opportunities with the greatest growth potential.

Car manufacturers

Offer your customers added value when expanding your own charging network by developing popular locations


Plan new, attractive locations for charging points and become even more attractive for residents with electric vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz x Switchboard

Strong partnership - energy x automotive, startup x corporation
Together we make data and skills available and benefit on the one hand from the agility of a startup, on the other hand from the know-how and knowledge of one of the largest corporations in Europe.
Together with Mercedes, we are advancing electromobility through innovation and further development.

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