Bringing electricity to life

Green electricity is no longer a differentiating factor. Together with you, we bring the new, truly green green electricity to the customer and ensure a high engagement rate on portals and the like.

The competition is intense

Due to the liberalisation of the energy market, competition on the supplier side has grown enormously. More than 1,000 electricity suppliers are competing for customers with green electricity and other offers.

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Not all green electricity is the same

Your customers buy green electricity out of conviction and meanwhile as a matter of course.

But: there is a difference between having a green electricity tariff and having electricity that is really physically green.

The origin of the green electricity makes a considerable difference in the CO2 balance.

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"The customer is king and it is in the hands of every user whether he wants to actively participate in climate protection."
Sebastian Rudischer, Stadtwerke Tübingen, Head of Sales and Service Department
Bringing electricity to life

Combine your electricity tariff with our green electricity index and CO2 counter so that your customers can see in real time how they can act in an even more climate-friendly way.

Even better: reward environmentally friendly behaviour, for example with a variable environmental bonus. Or offer interfaces so that dynamic consumers can be controlled based on the recorded and predicted values: Optimise self-consumption when charging an electric vehicle or switch individual consumers.

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How it works
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The use case is suitable for:

Municipal utilities

You know your customers. Use our products to directly deliver value for IMS expansion.


Differentiate yourself from the market with customer-centric products and services.

IT Service Provider

Include Switchboard API products in your product range, fill "white spots" in your portfolio with the expertise of other market participants.


Would you like to learn more about the use case or try out the APIs?

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Looking for an integration partner or a complete package?

Together we are strong! Together with Energy4U and epilot, we offer consulting, implementation and complete packages. It's uncomplicated and simple.
You are still unsure which implementation type suits you? No problem, we will be happy to advise you!

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