Are you looking for a short and simple tutorial on how to use the Switchboard APIs? Then you've come to the right place! With these 5 simple steps you can subscribe to your API with us.

1. Select subscription

First, select the API product you want to subscribe to. Under the heading "Plans" you can see which subscriptions are available. Choose the one that suits you best.

2. Register application

In the next step you need to register your application. It is the entry point for your requests to the API. To do this, enter a name and, if necessary, an OAuth redirect URL.

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3. Complete subscription

Follow the steps to enter your payment details and billing address and complete the subscription.

4. Download & explore documentation

Now you're ready to get started! View the API documentation in the editor or download the file and use another editor.

5. Get started.

Have fun with our APIs 😊

If you have any questions, you can always reach us via the contact form

Explore our APIs

MaLo identification (AI)

With MaLo identification (AI), the most similar market locations for incoming market messages are identified, evaluated and sorted in the system. This allows a reliable automatic assignment or rejection of clarification cases.

Network usage fee for electricity and gas DE

Up-to-date calculation of network charges and display of cost components for electricity and gas. Nationwide and network operator-specific or house number-specific in connection with the "Local Information" product, on a key date or by time slice, SLP and rLM.

Location information for electricity and gas DE

The product location information enables the daily-specific and key date related determination of locations for electricity and gas.

Tariffs electricity and gas

The product "Tariffs electricity and gas" enables the calculation of tariffs for household and commercial customers on a daily basis and on a specific date and the display of price components for the media electricity and gas.

Photovoltaic production forecast

The PV generation forecast for unmetered PV systems makes it possible to forecast the production of a PV system on a quarter-hour basis for the next few days without having your own metering equipment or system-specific generation data.

Company information electricity and gas

The daily updated and key date-related determination of company data for electricity and gas.