Customer Information

1. select products, collect them in the shopping cart and correct them

On our platform, you can select the APIs we offer from the range of products in the "API products" section. Click on the button "To the product" to get more information about the respective API. There you can select the subscription plan you want (Free Trial, Starter, Professional or Premium). Alternatively, if you wish, you can request an individual offer from us by clicking on the "Contact" button.

Click on the button "Book now" to select a subscription plan (Free Trial, Starter, Professional or Premium). This will take you to our log-in page, unless you have already registered. If you do not yet have a customer account with us, you will be asked to register here.

After completing the login or registration process, you will be taken to the next page of the ordering process. Here you can link the API you have selected with an application of your choice. 2.

2. choose payment method; billing information; confirm subscription

In the next step you can select your preferred payment method. If you have not yet entered a payment method, you can add such a payment method for the first time. We offer you the possibility to pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Amex).

In the next step you can check or change the billing information you have provided. If you have not yet provided this information, you can add it for the first time.

The page is also an overview of your data, the API you have added to the shopping cart and the costs you will incur. Please check that all the information is correct. You can change the details by clicking on the corresponding buttons. By clicking on the button "Subscribe now" you make a binding offer to subscribe to the API in your shopping cart and send your order to us.

3. order confirmation

For your information, you will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail, which lists your order once again; this e-mail does not represent an acceptance of your offer, but serves exclusively to inform you that we have received your order.

4 Conclusion of contract

The presentation of our APIs on our platform does not constitute a binding offer on our part. With your order, you make a binding offer to us. When a contract is concluded between you and us depends on the payment method you choose:

If you choose the payment option "debit or credit card", a contract is concluded between you and us when you have completed the payment process with the respective payment service provider.

5. payment methods

When ordering via our platform, we offer you the option of paying for the goods by debit or credit card:

If you have selected the "credit card" option during the ordering process, you enter your credit card details in the corresponding input mask. The payment will then be processed by your payment service provider.

6. storage of the contract text

We store the text of the contract and send you the contract documents by e-mail. You can also view your order on our website after logging in.

7. legal liability for defects

All products that you can order on our platform are subject to the statutory liability for defects, unless otherwise stipulated in our General Terms and Conditions.

8. contract language

The contract language is German.

9. customer service

If you have reason to complain, you can contact our customer service directly:

Telephone: +49 160 2398425