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How does Switchboard work?

How does Switchboard work?

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Calculate climate impact of real estate in °C

Measure - in a scientifically sound way - the climate impact of buildings, neighborhoods and real estate portfolios in °C. right°'s XDC API makes it easy for you to develop effective decarbonization strategies that safeguard and increase the value of real estate and real estate portfolios.

Network charges gas

Up-to-date calculation of network charges and display of cost components for the medium gas. Nationwide and network operator-specific or house number-specific in connection with the "Local Information" product, on a key date or by time slice, SLP and rLM.

MaLo Identification (Provider)

With MaLo identification (provider), the most similar market locations for incoming market messages are identified, evaluated and sorted in the system. This allows reliable automatic assignment or rejection of clarification cases.

Transformer.bee - EDIFACT conversion

Translation of EDIFACT bidirectionally into a JSON-based, vendor-independent representation (BO4E) that is equally machine- and human-readable. Thus, transformer.bee decouples systems from market communication and provides more stability.

Location information for electricity and gas DE

The product location information enables the daily-specific and key date related determination of locations for electricity and gas.

Company information electricity and gas

The daily updated and key date-related determination of company data for electricity and gas.

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Our products in action

Optimization of battery storage

For optimal use of battery storage, it is necessary to be able to estimate the expected PV production volume as accurately as possible.

With the help of the PV generation forecast, the energy flow within the building can also be optimized for installations without their own production measurement. This can be used, for example, on two levels:

  1. Increasing the degree of self-sufficiency of the customer
  2. Increase in self-consumption and thus increase in profitability

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Automation of market communication

As part of market communication, for example, a virtual power plant must communicate with network operators using contact information and certificates.

Business Information Services eliminates the need to find, store, and update this information. The service can be easily integrated into existing processes using the API interface. This saves time and ultimately money.

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